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Building the Promised Land: Unveiling the Vision of UKA Leadership Guided by Divine Wisdom

There is no time, no place, no state where God is absent. There is nothing to be feared when it comes to UKA leadership that trusts in God. UKA is a land of opportunities for all peaceful people who wants to live in peace and prosperity, and the only of its kind on planet earth that will house all nations from around the world with no discrimination once one reaches the criteria required to be a citizen of UKA.

UKA works a Monarchy system that works as a classic world system for the benefit of mankind to live in peace and prosperity. With the direction of our commander in chief HRM Dr. Solomon Uchenna Wining, and all leaders in UKA, we are taking a giant step forward in the building of UKA. UKA will be developing with modern technologies with lightning speed. What took developed countries hundreds of years to do and develop, will take us a few years. Human labor will reduce by half in all sectors and lifespan will increase with this approach of a no stress life.

UKA leaders are special in terms of hearing the call of God the Eternal Creator. We all are Souls, an eternal, unique, and beloved spark of God. As Souls, we have God’s knowledge within us, and His shared wisdom we work with.

UKA is a matchless country building on divine wisdom. UKA is also called the promised land. I bring to you answers on how we are navigating towards our beloved land UKA. The deep concern which I have for the human race and the individual has brought about this research on our country UKA. According history, civilization began on the southern continent while all of Europe and part of Asia were underwater.

The red race inhabited the southern continent we know as Atlantis. Atlantis was eventually destroyed by a great earth-quake, scattering its people. The Polynesians, North American Indians, and Aztecs are descendants of the race that once inhabited this now sunken continent. Following the breakup of the red race, the black race took dominance over the known world. They came out of the region known today as Ethiopia and established their supremacy on the Mediterranean shores.

This black movement precipitated a migration of the Aryan, or white, race out of Central Asia and into Iran, India, and countries of the Far East. There they established the first Aryan civilization, mixing with the red, black, and yellow races. I tell you this, we Leaders and Citizens must use our talents to enable UKA’s administration to confront obstacles and have our moral victory as citizens of the United Kingdom of Atlantis.

As a Global Cabinet Secretary General, I have no doubt about the ultimate success of building UKA; no matter the trials and tribulations which we may encounter on our journey. We will have ultimate victory in building of our beloved country.

I learned mostly from observation and positively observed, that our Monarch HRM DR. SOLOMON UCHENNA WINING house in his character Truth, bravery, love, fairness, justice, wisdom, knowledge and understanding. He is the leader for this dispensation for our emerging country UKA. I believe in my heart that, this is the reason God put him as the Moses of our time.

Those who fail to acknowledge these characters in him, might have false perceptions about him, and give a final wrong and bad judgment on him. All divinely appointed leaders go through these roads of trials, which are what makes them wonderful leaders. God save the King. Please watch our intended procedures towards development and share these videos with citizens of UKA.

Thank you.

Herbert Calvin Hartman Global Cabinet Secretary General of UKA

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