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Discovering the Enchanting United Kingdom of Atlantis (UKA): A Journey to the Land of Islands and Promised Dreams

Greetings to His Imperial Majesty, the head of state, the commander in chief of the armed forces of the United Kingdom of Atlantis (UKA).

Your Excellencies, It is my honor and pleasure to share with you all, an insight on UKA, on behalf of His Imperial Majesty, on the development and the steps so far taken concerning our dear country United Kingdom of Atlantis.

I am a kingdom re-claimer, A campaigner for peace, Unity and development, with a clear Divine mandate for the unpolluted promised land of UKA, that has been long prepared for us. The following information is for us all. Most research on UKA was done and presented to me by His Imperial Majesty and I personally did my own research and found it to be an authentic information given on UKA.

His Imperial Majesty instructed that this knowledge must be share among us for the benefit and purpose of general knowledge of our country UKA, that we as representatives would be able to showcase UKA to our friends, families, people around us, and the world as a whole.

The internet is the university of humanity of our time. It cost much less financially and have no emotional professors. Let us all take the burden of disbelieve from the minds of people from the pressure of seeking information from His Imperial Majesty, so that he would be able to concentrate on Royal duties instead of answering repeated questions on UKA.

Do you know the United Kingdom, (England) is an island?
Do you know that Canada is the second largest country on the global map, and it has islands and lots of water?
Do you know United States of America has lots of islands such as Hawaii?
Do you know that United States of America is about two miles away from Russia by sea? We will talk about those later. Let us concentrate on our country UKA.

Our Dream as a nation (UKA)

UKA has gotten to Almost 70% of realising our dream and vision of moving to the promised land. Right now, negotiations are going on to acquire a 1,400 passengers cruise that will ferry our people to the promised land but not withstanding, we have made all verifications, all routes to the promised land.

We have Norway sea shore which is about 450 km from the high sea by ship to the Atlantis.

We have the route of Argentina which is about 1,500 km from the sea shore of Argentina to the UKA.

We also have Fiji island, the most closest Island to UKA, to get it clear as a matter of fact, Fiji is also part of the Atlantis.

We also have other countries that are very close to the UKA.

From the side of Africa, we have Seychelles which is a country in Africa bordering Tanzania and Kenya. From Seychelles sea shore to UKA is about 2 days on the high sea, while from the southern African region which is Cape Town is about a week or two to cruise to the UKA.

There are several islands in the UKA, there are about 13 Islands but we only took 10 and the others are left vacant and inside the region of the UKA, we have over 200 Islands unoccupied. but there are few of the islands that have some people living on them, few villagers and some are Farmers. There is a particular island that was mainly for the slave trade of Africa that went there to inhabit the place. It is also part of the UKA.

There are people living in the Atlantis on different Islands but the major city which is the promised land is the one that we want to develop and we could work on the rest later. There are people, indigenous people living there especially the Atlantis that is closer to the Indian Ocean. It was televised that people went to visit that place.

People say there is water, they also say it is not habitable, by right UKA is supposed to be a continent. By research and Discovery Atlantis is one of the biggest continent in the world but occupied mainly by water. In those Waters we have over five to 9000 islands saturated in that geographical area that was originally supposed to belong to the Atlantis, UKA. There is a little political action must be taken for us to have it back. I am sure we will achieve it. By working together, we will be able to work swiftly and recolonize it.
As the second largest ocean basin, the Atlantic Ocean borders the east coast of the U.S., while the Pacific, Earth’s largest ocean basin, borders the U.S. West Coast. Covering approximately 20 percent of the Earth’s surface, the Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean basin in the world, following only the Pacific. However, it is only slightly larger than half the size of the Pacific Ocean.

The Atlantic Ocean lies between North and South America on the west and Europe and Africa on the east. Up north, the Atlantic connects to the Arctic Ocean and to the Southern Ocean to the south.

United Kingdom of Atlantis

Scientists often divide the Atlantic into two basins: the North Atlantic and the South Atlantic. The North Atlantic, where waters sink after being chilled by arctic temperatures, is the start of the “global ocean conveyor,” a circulation pattern that helps regulate Earth’s climate.
The Atlantic Ocean derives its name from the Greek god, Atlas.
You may ask how big is the Atlantic Ocean, well, the Atlantic Ocean covers an area of approximately 106,460,000 square kilometers (41,105,000 square miles.

In reality, the place Atlantis, by research and discovery, is one of the biggest continent in the world. Atlantis is real. Atlantis is as real as the blood of Jesus. Some of us that are here have not seen the blood of Jesus but we believe the blood of Jesus, so, UKA is real. UKA now is as real as the blood of Jesus so no one should deceive you that Atlantis does not exist.

We are working tirelessly to recover all that belongs to us. So Atlantis exist in reality and very soon we will be in the country. From my research, everything came out of water. Water is life. We Humans have more water in us than we can ever imagine. Our God hovered over water. We need water for survival, don’t be afraid of water.

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I would like to remind us that the United Kingdom (England) is an island, not a piece of rock with water surrounding it, it comprises of Scotland, North and South Wales so is the Philippines with many islands. Canada is the second largest country after Russia, it also has islands and many waters so is the United States of America, having many islands such as Hawaii and many more. So when you hear people talking about the waters in UKA, they are actually talking about the blessings that we have received as Atlantians. water is life, many countries need it. Don’t be deceived. And don’t join those who are shamefully wasting their lives in the Mediterranean sea searching for greener pastures.

We are giving out UKA citizenship now for just a token, but let me tell you this, those that miss this opportunity because of Fear or because of one word or the other they hear from people that have the spirit of deception, the moment we arrive on that land, the application for citizenship will be changed, we will have a new immigration requirements and procedures. Those receiving their citizenship now will be first generation citizens. So, my advice is, take your citizenship now, and have your rights as first generation citizen of UKA, this gives you priorities in your new country that will be explained in our constitution. Be an Atlantian now before it is too late.

God bless His Imperial Majesty,
God bless the citizens of the United Kingdom of Atlantis,
God bless the United Kingdom of Atlantis.

HRH King Dr. Herbert Calvin Hartman
Global Cabinet Secretary General, UKA

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One Response

  1. Greetings to you His Royal Highness,

    Actually, after taking my time to read through this write up researched on the reality of the existence of the United Kingdom of Atlantis, I’m now fully convinced with no fear that I should now do all my very best to obtain my 1st class citizenship in my new country the UKA.

    Thanks sir, for the thoughtful exposition of the realness and existence of the UKA.

    I’m so privileged to be a member at the moment.

    Dr. EZEKIEL.
    Sierra Leone.

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