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Embracing a New Era: United Kingdom of Atlantis Achieves Sovereignty and Global Recognition


From the office of the Emperor, His Imperial Majesty Dr. Solomon Uchenna Wining, to all citizens of UKA. On the monumental day of 18th November 2022, after a relentless struggle, the United Kingdom of Atlantis proudly declared its independence, marking the dawn of a decentralized sovereign kingdom.

1. A Journey to Recognition:

Enlisting into the Moorish Empire on March 24th, 2023, under the banner of the First Republic Register Foundation, the United Kingdom of Atlantis (UKA) embarked on a journey toward international recognition. Notably, the kingdom gained membership in the International Police Commission, securing acknowledgment and recognition from various organizations worldwide.

2. Global Affirmation:

Amidst this triumph, UKA is on the verge of UN enlistment, further solidifying its global standing. The kingdom has achieved recognition from renowned institutions and is making strides as a key participant in international forums.

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3. Diplomatic Ties and Bilateral Treaties:

UKA is swiftly moving towards securing diplomatic ties and bilateral treaties with nations such as Bangladesh, Malaysia, South Africa, South Korea, Israel, the United States of America, Ghana, Nigeria, Thailand, Pakistan, India, and many more.

UKA Certificate of Sovereignty

4. Worldwide Presence:

With diplomatic offices established in several continents and countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Bangladesh, South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, India, Thailand, and many others, UKA’s global footprint is expanding.

5. Diplomatic Corps:

With over 20 consulate generals and ambassadors in various nations, along with more than 20 ambassadors to the United Nations, UKA is weaving a comprehensive diplomatic tapestry across the globe.

6. The People of Atlantis:

United Kingdom of Atlantis citizens are not confined to borders but spread across more than 50 nations. Embracing the great ancient civilization of the 21st century, citizens contribute to the kingdom’s legacy and continued growth.

7. The Fearless Lion’s Roar:

Led by the fearless King Solomon the 1st, the Great Fearless Lion, UKA proudly stands before global entities such as the United Nations, European Union, ASEAN Union, Caribbean Community, African Union, International Court of Justice, International Criminal Court of Justice, CNN, and BBC.


As the United Kingdom of Atlantis surges forward, the call echoes worldwide to join the great ancient civilization of the 21st century. For those eager to become part of this historic journey, apply for the Citizens Nominees certificate at our diplomatic website here: UKA Immigration

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