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The UKA Global Ministry Of Finance invites all suitably qualified candidates to fill the below mentioned offices in the ministry.

1: Director Treasury Services(DTS)

2: Director Treasury Inspectorate (DTI)

3: Director Treasury Administration (DTA)

4: Director Treasury Internal Audit/ Forensics (DTIA/F)

5: Director MOFI (DM)

6: Director Project.Financial Management (DPFM)

7: Director Debt Management Office ( DDMO)

8: Director Budget Planning , Monitoring , and Implementation (DBPMI).

9: Director Fiscal policy planning and implementation ( DFPPI).


Bsc/ Hnd Accounting with added professional qualifications like : ICAN , ANAN , ACCA , CPA , CIPFA .- Bsc , Msc Economics.

PhD gives an edge- Bsc , MBA Business Administration. NIM will be needed for top administrative positions.

Interested individuals must first process their UKA Citizenship nominee Certificates to go ahead for the applications.

Advert Powered By: UKA Global Ministry Of Finance.

Send your CV and credentials to

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