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Press Release: His Imperial Majesty’s Address to UKA Citizens

Date: 1st July 2024

Emperor: His Imperial Majesty King Dr. Solomon Uchenna Wining, Head of State and Monarch of the United Kingdom of Atlantis (UKA)

Fellow Citizens,

I send you my royal greetings. Recalling my last Salah greetings, I promised to brief you on our progress and the successes we have achieved toward the realization of our objectives. Today, I am pleased to inform you of the tremendous progress we have made.

Key Announcements:

  1. Recognition by the United Nations:
    • The United Nations has formally recognized the United Kingdom of Atlantis.
    • UKA has been approved to supervise and coordinate all humanitarian activities in the 194 countries of the world.
    • Our registration in England, USA, and Lithuania for the Atlantean crown cryptocurrency has been successful.
  2. Developmental Structures:
    • We now have a draft constitution under review by the constitutional committees.
    • The UKA now has a full developmental structure, including the UKA Supreme Council, Executive, Parliament, Judiciary, Service Chiefs, and various Ministries and Parastatals.
  3. Digital and Fiat Currency:
    • UKA will operate both digital and fiat currency to promote ease of doing business and rapid development.
    • These currencies have been approved and adopted by the parliament as official mediums of exchange.
  4. Relocation to the Promised Land:
    • Officials will soon travel to meet with the navigator for the UKA Territory to commence immediate construction and transformation.
    • The relocation will be systematic, starting with strategic partners, followed by security personnel, government officials, and eventually all citizens.

We are at the top of the completion stage, and you will soon witness swift, accelerated steps toward actualizing our dream. Various engagements with foreign affairs and solution partners are underway to ensure a peaceful and orderly movement to our promised land.

I thank you all for your continued patience and prayers in the actualization of our dear nation.

Yours in service,

HIM King Dr. Solomon Uchenna Wining
Head of State/Monarch, United Kingdom of Atlantis

For more details, you can download the full briefing here.

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