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The United Kingdom of Atlantis: Updates on Development & Future Plans

Greetings from the office of His Imperial Majesty, the head of state, the commander in chief of the armed forces of the United Kingdom of Atlantis.

It is my honor and pleasure to address you at a time like this on behalf of His Imperial Majesty, on the development so far and the steps so far taken concerning our dear country United Kingdom of Atlantis. And the main reason is to inform you and encourage you not to give up on these divine projects. UKA is a reality. And by God’s grace, the movement into the Kingdom will start shortly. A lot of effort and steps have been taken and because it was not published, for people to see it. That is why some individuals are calling it a scam. I want you to know and to believe this.

The United Kingdom of Atlantis is not a scam, it’s a reality. It is God’s project to give the world a new kingdom where love and peace and respect for humanity will exist. It’s not a scam. I say it again, it is not a scam, it’s a reality. His Imperial Majesty and other officers of the Kingdom had been working, taking a lot of steps by sorting our sponsors, the developers, who are now ready and willing to invest in the Kingdom of the United Kingdom of Atlantis by the grace of God. In a few days, a few months to come, his Imperial Majesty will be signing MOU with some of these governments and private organizations from various countries of the world.

The country of the United Kingdom of Atlantis is not relenting through the office of the Honorable Minister of Foreign Affairs, have written to more than 20 countries, including Israel for diplomatic ties, and are also in talk with Israel for the training of our military. The countries like Vietnam, South Korea, and other private organizations have shown a great interest in investing and in developing our country UKA. It’s a reality. We talk with so many people from various countries in this regard. His Imperial Majesty also is working very hard with our foreign agents, are working tiredly, tirelessly to procure a ship that will ferry our people to our country.

United Kingdom of Atlantis Building

Therefore, it is important that we have faith in what we are doing and pray along with us. Please disregard any action, information, or word that will impact negatively the heart of the citizen. UKA is a reality. It’s a country that people will live in. Rome was not built in a day, but it started in a day. I will encourage you from the Holy Book that said follow those who through faith and patience inherited the promise. UKA is a promised land. It’s a reality. And by God’s grace, God Himself is working to perfect our desires. Concerning the kingdom, brethren. Have faith. Pray for His Imperial Majesty, pray for all the officers, the Prime Minister, the Vice Chairman, the Secretary of State, and every individual that’s involved in developing and making this country to be a reality.

United Kingdom of Atlantis Secretariat building
United Kingdom of Atlantis Secretariat building

Pray for them. I want to assure you that his royal highness, His imperial majesty, is actually doing all he can. And to inform you he has asked me to inform you that he loves you. And will do everything within his power to make this thing a reality. Above all God bless the United Kingdom of Atlantis. God bless his imperial majesty. May God bless the citizens of the united kingdom of Atlantis UKA. I am His Royal Highness Professor Harris Ogbonnia Joseph, the chief of staff to His Imperial Majesty, Head of State, and the Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the United Kingdom of Atlantis. God bless you. Thank you.

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  1. I will love to be a citizen in this start up country as the one of the First citizens to enjoy the building of the cities in the country. I wish to also contribute positively to the development of the place and to raise a great future leaders that will offer support to the development of its citizens in 50years to come.

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