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UKA, not a myth, will restore its Origin—Ogechukwu, Foreign Affairs Minister, UKA

THE Foreign Affairs Minister of the United Kingdom of Atlantis, UKA, Hon Amb Newman Grace Ogechukwu, has expressed optimism over full establishment of UKA, stating that the country is far from being a myth.

The Minister in a statement, also said that UKA is an offshoot of the historic Atlantic City’s offspring, recorded in Plato’s writing, that existed some 9,200 years before Plato’s writing, which represents the birthplace of western civilization.

She stated further that the history was passed down to Plato by his grandfather CRITIAS, and his great grandfather DROPIDES.

According to her, Africans has woken up to the understanding that; it had a root in the ancient Atlantis kingdom, for it’s not a myth and we determined to restore its Origin & introduce a modern face of Atlantis civilization, called: UNITED KINGDOM OF ATLANTIS DECENTRALIZED SMART CITY & its Capital City known as the “Promised Land”.

She stated that the kingdom prides its Government as a Constitutional Monarch system of Government, adding that it has adopted the 17 SDGs of the United Nation which is one of her duty to create relationship ties to implement the design of UKA VISION.

The Minister averred that UKA leadership is on the verge of migration to our island in the Oceania Continent. All plans has met 70%

She also emphasized that UKA has since inaugurated a functional government in which Her excellency Hon Newman Grace Ogechukwu was the first functional Minister, adding that as a Minister of Foreign Affairs, her contribution was enormous for the realization of the vision.

The statement reads in parts;

She states “The vision of Foreign Affairs is to ensure that the Kingdom of UKA National and International interest are cordial, negotiate diplomatic relations, supervise foreign missions, Immigration service of which progress is been made, especially in formulating National Foreign policy for UKA as Sovereign Kingdom, which are:

  1. Establishing Diplomatic Representations;
  2. Creation of Embassies/High Commissions;
  3. Authorization of Documents to the Third International Organizations.
  4. Establish International Security Agency (National Security);
  5. Establish Diplomatic Ties With Other Countries;
  6. Establish The Ambassadors/Diplomatic Corps, appointments and Termination, provide Diplomatic Secrecy Plate for The United Kingdom of Atlantis;
  7. Establish the Intelligence Network, Research and Results, Interests, Recognition of other Countries, Embassies Recognition; and
  8. Manage the Diplomatic Corps Deployment, Finances, Logistics.

“The Ministry organizes Meetings, in which Resolutions are made on Passport Identity (Certificates and many more); supervises Commissions, Establishments, protocols.

In view of the above, Citizens’ Nominee Certificate have been issued to citizens;

b. Negotiation in printing is on going for our International passport which has been designed;

C. Foreign policies of United kingdom of Atlantis UKA have been established;
and progress have been made in establishing Diplomatic Ties/Organizational Recognitions and Affiliations.

d) Sovereign state currency known as Atlantean Crown 👑
and our coins known as Atis has been on process for printing and series’ procedure following through for International acceptance.

She states that this will promote and enhanced our trade relations internationally.

She further mentioned on other achievements, Recognitions and affiliations with UKA Nation
In her statement, she said UKA has been issued with Sovereign State Certificate by the First registra foundation in accordance with Monte Convention Rules on formation of a State or Country.

The minister state that the Kingdom is Collaborating with the International Police Commission, and this commission being recognized by countries, regional organizations, Trade agreements will be made easily, and Diplomatic ties.

These are proof of progress in the actualization of UKA, and Atlanteans are happy that progress is being made.

She states further, Immigration commission is set and positioned for the management and control of immigrants, and border management.

She mentioned that the draft of the Act, Regulations and other documents needed for immigration commission to work are ready for Parliament ratification and passage.

We are also expanding our International Relations and Diplomatic Ties drive with many more nations, as Atlanteans are represented in all the Continents of the world and they are willing to return back to their ancestral home, UKA.

Based on the above pronunciation, we approached United Nation for approval and enlistment of United kingdom of Atlantis amongst Nations.

We are working closely with the United Nations for guide and positioning, including European Union and other Regional bodies.

We have written to ISO INTERNATIONAL STANDARD ORGANIZATION in Switzerland as regards of our Country Code ISO 3166 and Currency ISO 4217 for our Atlantis Crown currency.

Also, we have received dipomatic tie with International Police Commission, Philippines Headquarters with
Recognition and conferment of His Imperial Majesty Dr Solomon Uchenna Wining as Royal Chairman UKA.

Trade relations/ partnership on investment with Cholwe company in the mining field. Acceptance Letter has also been received by Foreign Affairs Ministry from Zambian company. Paperwork is on going after which MOU will follow suit for strong bilateral ties with the Government.

Additionally, diplomatic relations tie with Isreal was submitted via mail, also with Israeli Embassy in Nigeria. We are waiting for their rapid response and other diplomatic tie with other nations which are generally ongoing.

“In line with our vision, International Academy for sustainble development and executive training gives United kingdom of Atlantis Government reconignition in making sure, her vision on SDGs Goal is well implemented.

In United kingdom of Atlantis, we have six regional king’s from different countries of their birth and decensdant of Atlantis.
This are head of kingdoms in respective Regions
This Region’s will be fully discussed in our next interview and publication.

We are ever ready to put UKA Nation to center of attention for the world to come in and have a strong tie with us and where Citizens’ including visitors can call a home.

In conclusion, she said Bi-lateral and multi-lateral agreement are on ground.

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