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United Kingdom of Atlantis Announces New International Passport: A Milestone

This is to inform all the citizens of United Kingdom of Atlantis (UKA) that all is set for the introduction of the United Kingdom of Atlantis passport, as announced by the Prime Minister, Dr. Mike Kelechi, at the UKA ministerial cabinet meeting.

UKA, a sovereign Kingdom evolved from the old Atlantis, is situated in the Ocean continent, Marie land, and features a leadership inclusive of Nigerians.

The Prime Minister, a Nigerian by birth, stated that the Passport, adhering to international standards, has been produced. This passport will enable all its citizens in diaspora to travel back to Atlantis freely. He announced that it will be made public through an announcement by the reigning monarch of UKA, Dr. Solomon Uchenna Wining, in the first week of February, 2024.

The new passport categories include the Standard Passport, Government Official Passport, Diplomatic Passport, Pilgrims Passport, and Seaman’s Passport, with a durability of 5 to 10 years. The requirements for obtaining the passport include a written application, a return certificate from the UKA electoral commission, and additional documents for those applying for diplomatic passports, such as proof of age, a valid UKA identity card, an introduction letter from the applicant’s organization, a current appointment or promotion letter, and a passport photograph.

These requirements must be fulfilled before an individual is issued the international passport.

Please stay tuned for the Reigning Monarch’s broadcast in the first week of February 2024.

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