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United Kingdom of Atlantis Update: Progress, Achievements, and Governance Unveiled – September 2023 Recap

Greetings to fellow citizens of the United Kingdom of Atlantis.

Today been 30th of September 2023. It is my pleasure to address you on the journey so far.

By God’s grace, we have taken some giant steps toward actualizing the vision of a sovereign state of UKA. It is a thing of joy to hear that Our Letter of Recognition submitted by the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs was read for the first time this September at the General Assembly meeting and our inner person in the Assembly is pushing it with the support of foreign affairs minister. With God by Our side, the Letter of Recognition will be out as soon as possible.

We are not resting on our desire to get diplomatic relations with every country in the world. As of today we have written to 85 countries. The arrangement is in top gear to open our Embassy in 20 countries on or before next year. We are in touch with the Canadian community in 15 countries for membership if approved will give us access to 126 Nations. We also seeking admin to the European Union community which will give us access to more than 155 Nations with our International Passport and that will give strength to our passport all over the world.

We have written to NATO, and BRICS seeking membership of the organizations in bilateral relations.


  1. G7 have confirmed our bilateral relationship with them. Have also chosen the UKA as the first country to establish Dia World Bank 001 in Promised Land UKA the honoured place us above other countries in the world. G7 gave us the offer to train our officers in financial management in the Philippines. I am in talks with the King of Kings and Chairman of the G7 for the final touch.
  2. We have developed a diplomatic tie with INTERNATIONAL POLICE COMMISSION(IPC). By God’s grace, IPC has sent an invitation to train our security officers, every soon the identity of the selected officers will be communicated to them officially as the preparation for the travelling is on.
  3. We have made a breakthrough in securing the cruise for some of our security chiefs, Navigators, surveys and geographic who will be moving into UKA as soon as possible before the mass movement of citizens. The delay is caused by a lack of funds, the building of a country is a capital investment the little money coming through registration and donation is like a cup of water on occasion. We are talking with a lot of investors who are ready to invest in the UKA the talk is ongoing.
  4. Arrangement is in top gear to Secure the UKA Telephone line and develop the UKA crown wallet for easy transactions among the UKA citizens and communicate with our telephone line.


  1. GOVERNMENT: It is important to define the style of the UKA’s government. We do not run the British government style ours is part of the Monarch Constitutional government, Parliamentary and Presidential, which is special to us as a nation.
  2. Therefore, the governance will based on these structures. (A)THE EXECUTIVE AIM. Headed by the Reigning Monarch who is also the Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of UKA. The Chairman of the Board of Governors Council. He will be assisted by the Vice Chairman who will assist him in the administration of the council. The Monarchy of the UKA is hereditary and cannot be transferred. But remains in the first family of UKA (Monarch Emperor Dr. Wining Uchenna Solomon).

He shall be addressed as the reigning Monarch, Head of State, and commander in chief of the Armed Forces of UKA. The others shall be addressed as Deputy Head of State, Prime Minister, deputy PM, Ministers, Ambassadors, kings, and Directors. It is also very important to state clearly that there is no office known as a deputy Monarch, the vice chairman of the Board of Governors Council shall be addressed as VC or Vice President, not as deputy Monarch.

We have only one Royal Family and that is the first family


The PRIME MINISTER is the head of the administration, He works with the office of the Head of state for proper administration. He is to report to the Head of State for his day-to-day operations and can not implement any policy without approval from the Head of State by implication he is a part of the Executive.

Therefore I want all ministers, ambassadors, directors and all the appointees of government to be submissive and answerable to him as the head of government of UKA. And have authorized him to report any disloyal officer to my office through my chief of staff for proper disciplinary action. He is working hand in hand with my chief of staff for a cordial relationship with the Executive.


The head of the Parliament is the speaker. He is to conduct the activities of the legislature.


The JUDICIARY shall be headed by The Chief Justice of UKA. All these officers are answerable to the Reigning Monarch, Head of State, and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of UKA and can not work on their own although independent.

For proper documentation and accountability and to maintain a standard administration every report and communication to the Head of State must be in writing form duly signed by the reporter and sent through the Prime Minister who will deliver it to my office through my Chief of Staff unless otherwise it will be sent directly to my chief of staff.
You are hereby advised to follow this instruction and not abuse the relationship between you and him to despise his office.


UKA strongly believe in accountability therefore don’t lose heart in the proper time I will make known every kobo we (received) collected so far through registration and donations. And how much that has been spent by the government. I want to warn those evil-minded people in our miss to stop spreading failure information on the activities of the government and her officers, get yourself busy with your time.


I acknowledge the sacrifices and commitment of the deputy Head state of the United Kingdom of Atlantis, the prime minister, the deputy prime minister, the Ministers, especially the Minister of Foreign Affairs, (I wish you a quick recovery ) Ambassadors, Service chiefs, Directors and all appointees of the government of UKA, Be warned we are taking notes of the functioning of every officer.

I hereby ask the prime minister to collaborate with my deputy and chief to look at some offices which are not functioning or duplicated and harmonise them to conflict in the government

To the wonderful Citizens of UKA, I thank you for your patience and understanding and I assure you we will not fail you, UKA is real and we will be there soon.

With God, our sacrifice will not be in vain.

For more information, you can call my chief of staff.

God bless UKA

God bless the citizens of the United Kingdom of Atlantis

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