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Unleash Your Football Talent in the United Kingdom of Atlantis with the Royal Football Federation of UKA

The Royal Football Federation of the United Kingdom of Atlantis (UKA) extends a warm invitation to footballers and clubs around the globe to join our thriving football family. The United Kingdom of Atlantis is calling upon the global football community to be part of something truly extraordinary.

Discover the United Kingdom of Atlantis:

Nestled between the waves of innovation and tradition, the United Kingdom of Atlantis is an emerging nation with a rich cultural heritage and a passion for football that runs deep in its veins. As we embark on this exciting journey, we are on the lookout for talented footballers and dynamic clubs to contribute to the growth and success of our footballing landscape.

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Why Choose the Royal Football Federation of UKA:

  1. Exceptional Facilities: The Royal Football Federation of UKA boasts state-of-the-art training facilities and stadiums, providing an ideal environment for players to hone their skills and for clubs to showcase their prowess.
  2. Competitive Leagues: Engage in spirited competition within our well-structured leagues, offering a platform for players and clubs to showcase their talent on both national and international levels.
  3. Cultural Integration: Immerse yourself in the unique culture of the United Kingdom of Atlantis, fostering a sense of camaraderie and unity among players and clubs.

How to Become Part of Royal Football Federation of UKA:

Becoming part of the Royal Football Federation of UKA is a straightforward process. It is as simple as reciting the English alphabets of ABC. Just follow the steps below to register:

  1. Indicate your interest below by commenting on this post
  2. Explore Opportunities: We will reach out to you to help you discover the myriad opportunities available for both individual footballers and clubs.
  3. Submit Your Application: Fill out the online registration form that will be sent to you to enable you to kickstart your journey with the Royal Football Federation of UKA.
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Benefits of Joining:

Are there benefits of joining the Royal Football Federation of UKA you might ask? Here are some benefits of becoming part of this wave of development:

  1. International Exposure: Showcase your talent on an international stage, gaining exposure and recognition from football enthusiasts worldwide.
  2. Development Programs: Avail yourself of our extensive player development programs and coaching initiatives aimed at nurturing talent and fostering growth.
  3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, clubs, and football experts, building valuable connections within the global football community.

You can learn more about our international relations here


The United Kingdom of Atlantis invites you to be a part of our football revolution. Join the Royal Football Federation of UKA, where passion meets opportunity, and together, let’s create a legacy that transcends borders. Register today and take the first step towards a footballing adventure like no other!

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  1. I love this 😍 and I’m very much interested and genuinely available. I’m a member of UKA by citizenship well documented. I have longed such a great opportunity which I once had but denied by poor background, politics and lack of sponsorship. Just my being previleged 🥰 🙏 in the playing field again will prove my multi-talented personality. Thanks

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